Forgotten stories in the age of information overload

As we live in the age of information overload, even great stories worthy of retelling can easily be drowned out in a sea of fake news and attention-grabbing headlines. Although it seems that enough has been said about artists of the past and cultural icons, there are stories with a timeless quality that need to be told time and time again for the enrichment of the humanities. In the midst of swarming information, people are fighting for attention for economic gain or in a vain attempt to fulfil their desire to be recognised, which the ancient Greeks called thymos. The goal of this platform is simple: to rise above it.

Here, stories untold and forgotten of cultural figures will be recounted through the lens of Berlin-based artists and theorists alike, focusing particularly on the ones who have, in some ways, contributed to the development of our modern visual culture.

We all are artists at our core, and yet we often busy ourselves with our day-to-day business without exercising the creativity latent within. Hence, this platform aims to borrow 10 minutes of people’s attention to revisit artists of the past and cultural figures that have contributed to the development of our visual culture. By so doing, hopefully, their stories will bring a smile on the faces of those come across this blog.